Incoming datas are designed taking into account the output angles, processing shares with the help of CAD writing and waiting cutomer approval The model, core box and gravity-die pictures of the approved data are designed so the model and mold production starts.

Model And Gravity -Die Mold
The model and gravity-die mold designs are processed by using CAM writing on CNC machines using suitable materials and made ready for casting.

Casting And Core
In Our foundry with a capacity of 50 tons aluminum per month ;in sand casting between 400gr and 400kg in gravity-die casting between 100gr -40kg weight pieces are poured successfully by our experienced staff. The cores used in the foundry are prepared in our automatic core machines and kept carefully until the casting starting. 50 tons aluminum per month capacity foundry is poured successfully by experienced.

The products of finished casting ready to use after processing with precision of 0.01 mm in our CNC 5axis and CNC 3axis machines.